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Beyoncé wins 2 Grammys, Viola Davis win makes her an EGOT Balloon bickering over Biden’s actions, China’s intentions US officials offer Congress briefing on Trump, Biden papers Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan martial ruler in 9/11 wars, dies Ukraine defense minister expects help from West on warplanes Pope, Anglican, Presbyterian leaders denounce anti-gay laws Europe bans Russian diesel, other oil products over Ukraine Amid crisis, Haitians find solace in an unlikely place: soup It wasn’t me: Ex-UK PM Truss blames ‘system’ for her failure Cubans respond with zeal to new US migration policy US states take control of abortion debate with funding focus AP source: Kyrie Irving going to the Dallas Mavericks Northeast temperatures soar a day after bone-numbing cold Former Israeli PM: Putin promised not to kill Zelenskyy How the cases in Alex Murdaugh’s murder trial are shaping up Tyre Nichols’ mom, chief: Women on two sides of a tragedy

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Ghost boat with GPS leads father-son duo to man overboard If you're happy with OpenBSD, probably any computer is good enough Getty Images v. Stability AI – Complaint FreeCAD Day 2023: Report and continued discussion Finland’s most-wanted hacker nabbed in France Fulcrum: an ergo-mechanical split keyboard with extra thumb functionality As a US Navy fighter pilot, I witnessed unidentified anomalous phenomena Gattaca is still pertinent 25 years later Don’t teach during code reviews OneSignal (YC S11) Is Hiring Engineers South Pole Topography How to build a Linux-based wireless router out of spare parts (1998) All Circuits are Busy Now: The 1990 AT&T Long Distance Network Collapse (1995) The rise of universities’ diversity bureaucrats (2018) Liquid modernity? (2014) Intel’s Dunnington: Core 2 Goes Dun Dun Dun The Circumnavigators (2017) A Brief History of Parafilm Artificial intelligence just lost a leader A patch to enable Windows Subsystem for Android to run on Windows 10 The Missing Piece Meets the Big O Archiving in the time of streaming Tp-Note: Minimalistic note taking Lightweight Kubernetes Operators with WebAssembly – FOSDEM 2023 [video] SF’s Market Street subway runs on Reagan-era floppy disks The cult of conformity in Silicon Valley [video] C Port of Ken Thompson's Space Travel The evolution of developer experience in the 20th century (2020) Stable Attribution How New Ideas Arise

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Proposals but no consensus on curbing water shortages in Colorado River basin US military shoots down Chinese balloon over coastal waters Musk beats fraud charges; jury rejects investor claims in “funding secured” case Former Trump official led feds to Telegram group livestreaming child abuse Big Tech groups disclose $10 billion in charges from job culls and cost cuts ISP admits lying to FCC about size of network to block funding to rivals Cash-strapped Twitter to start charging developers for API access next week Apple should be required to let iPhone users sideload apps, Biden admin says Apple’s focus on secrecy violated employee rights, US regulators find AI tool used to spot child abuse allegedly targets parents with disabilities New wind, solar are cheaper than costs to operate all but one US coal plant Man wanted for attempted murder is using dating apps while on the run, cops say [Updated] Charter settles with family of murder victim, says insurance will cover it Decades-old law forms biggest obstacle to nationwide TikTok ban, lawmaker says The flight tracker that powered @ElonJet has taken a left turn Most criminal cryptocurrency is funneled through just 5 exchanges Prenda Law lawyer loses attempt to file more piracy lawsuits from prison Report: Truth Social ads dominated by fake merchandise, misleading users MSG probed over use of facial recognition to eject lawyers from show venues Meta will allow Donald Trump back on Facebook, sparking wave of criticism


After Cracking Another 'Secure' Messaging App, European Police Arrest 42 Dashlane Publishes Its Source Code To GitHub In Transparency Push Judge Uses ChatGPT To Make Court Decision Replika, a 'Virtual Friendship' AI Chatbot, Hit With Data Ban in Italy Over Child Safety Former Ubiquiti Employee Pleads Guilty To Attempted Extortion Scheme Kremlin's Tracking of Russian Dissidents Through Telegram Suggests App's Encryption Has Been Compromised Documents Show Meta Paid For Data Scraping Despite Years of Denouncing It Anker Finally Comes Clean About Its Eufy Security Cameras GoodRx Leaked User Health Data To Facebook and Google, FTC Says Stable Diffusion 'Memorizes' Some Images, Sparking Privacy Concerns 'Pig-Butchering' Scam Apps Sneak Into Apple's App Store and Google Play Hacker Finds Bug That Allowed Anyone To Bypass Facebook 2FA Massive Yandex Code Leak Reveals Russian Search Engine's Ranking Factors JD Sports Admits Intruder Accessed 10 Million Customers' Data A Drug Company Made $114 Billion Gaming America's Patent System

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NY attorney general forces spyware vendor to alert victims Bermuda hit by major internet and power outage The Week in Ransomware - February 3rd 2023 - Ending with a mess TruthFinder, Instant Checkmate confirm data breach affecting 20M customers Massive ESXiArgs ransomware attack targets VMware ESXi servers worldwide Florida hospital takes IT systems offline after cyberattack GoAnywhere MFT zero-day vulnerability lets hackers breach servers Atlassian warns of critical Jira Service Management auth flaw Google ads push ‘virtualized’ malware made for antivirus evasion Microsoft 365 trial offer blocks access to Windows 10 desktops Hackers weaponize Microsoft Visual Studio add-ins to push malware Microsoft: Scan for outdated Office versions respects your privacy


Courts Must Not Allow Litigants to Plead Around The First Amendment’s Speech Protections EFF, ACLU Seek to Protect the Public’s Right to Access Judicial Records The Breadth of the Fediverse Civil Society Organizations Call on the House Of Lords to Protect Private Messaging in the Online Safety Bill Setting the Record Straight: EFF Statement in Support of FCC Nominee Gigi Sohn EFF Files Amicus Briefs in Two Important Geofence Search Warrant Cases The FCC Broadband Maps: Meet the New Maps, Same as the Old Maps Two Steps Forward, One Step Back on Vaccine Privacy in New York Stupid Patent of the Month: Digital Verification Systems Patents E-Signatures  California Law Says Electronic Search Data Must Be Posted Online. So Where Is It? Brazil's Telecom Operators Made Strides and Had Shortcomings in Internet Lab's New Report on User Privacy Practices EFF Tells Supreme Court: User Speech Must Be Protected The Next Stage in Security Expert’s Trial Set for January 31 Podcast Episode: Don't Be Afraid to Poke the Tigers For Would-Be Censors and the Thin-Skinned, Copyright Law Offers Powerful Tools


Reddit Onion Service Launch New Louisiana Law Forces You to Upload ID to Watch Porn Online Exclusive: Supreme Court justices used personal emails for work and 'burn bags' were left open in hallways, sources say Republicans demand Biden 'blow up TikTok' over privacy concerns after shooting down Chinese spy balloon ACLU sues intelligence community for FISA Section 702 court opinions I keep getting hacked. What do I do? Data anonymization If you care about privacy, you *need* to care about “Section 702”. Millions of passport photos of innocent foreigners in Dutch face database Company has decided: 2FA, but with private phones... ACLU Sues CIA, DOJ, and NSA for Records About Warrantless Spying on Americans using the new Bing search tool - conserns Are there any privacy conscious fitness trackers? Stripe privacy? What's the least worst prepaid cell provider? Mine just got bought by Verizon so...

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America’s Open Wound Everything Going Great Cultural Revolutions Your Money AND Your Life 9/12 Covid, Climate, And The New Denialism The All-Seeing "i": Apple Just Declared War on Your Privacy A Hell Of Our Own Making Apophenia [Q&A #02] Bombs vs. Bugs The Insecurity Industry Answering Readers' Questions A Conversation with Daniel Ellsberg Conspiracy: Theory and Practice The Most Dangerous Censorship Lifting the mask

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Friday Squid Blogging: Studying the Colossal Squid A Hacker’s Mind News Manipulating Weights in Face-Recognition AI Systems AIs as Computer Hackers Passwords Are Terrible (Surprising No One) Ransomware Payments Are Down NIST Is Updating Its Cybersecurity Framework Friday Squid Blogging: Squid-Inspired Hydrogel Kevin Mitnick Hacked California Law in 1983 A Guide to Phishing Attacks