The AP Interview: Top Pakistan diplomat details Taliban plan Vaccine inequity comes into stark focus during UN gathering FDA backs Pfizer COVID-19 boosters for seniors, high-risk WhatsApp, social posts helped lead Haitian migrants to Texas Tensions grow as US, allies deepen Indo-Pacific involvement Mideast in shambles, but the world has moved on for now Biden presses fellow Dems: Resolve party split on $3.5T plan Naval officer wins praise for Portugal’s vaccine rollout Floods, books & kids: Highlights of German election campaign After Northeast flooding, insurance woes swamp residents Wildfire victims left with nothing get hope from donated RVs EXPLAINER: Why the debt limit is again roiling Washington Is the delta variant of the coronavirus worse for kids? The Latest: New Zealand’s PM hopes to avoid future lockdowns Feeling trapped, migrants’ fears grow in Mexican border city Suits against Ohio State over sex abuse by doc are dismissed

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A different kind of keyboard How we got to LiveView Sid Meier and the meaning of ‘Civilization’ Lab-grown meat may never be cost-competitive enough to displace traditional meat Updated WHO global air quality guidelines Tenderjit – A JIT for Ruby Written in Ruby Spotify Box It costs $436 to deploy a smartcontract on Ethereum Hall of Mirrors (1953) Evolution of the Unix System Architecture: An Exploratory Case Study Spook: Side channel attack which could read the memory from password managers Nyxt 2.2.0 You don't need a math PhD to play Dwarf Fortress, just to code it Google Drive of historical footage locked and flagged as terrorist activity Raspberry Pi KVMs Compared: TinyPilot and Pi-KVM v3 AWS Region Coming to New Zealand Walking Trees, Parasitic Flowers, and Other Remarkable Plants Waydroid – Run Android containers on Ubuntu Graphic Methods for Presenting Facts (1914) Haku: A toy functional programming language based on literary Japanese Open Maps for Europe: access official map, geospatial and land information Fuzzing Zig Code Using AFL++ Swift Regrets Show HN: A pattern generator with 1300 shapes and 300 dpi What the Cat Knows (2020) CoinTracker (YC W18) is hiring first PM to make cryptocurrency accessible Programming Puzzles How people reason their way through echo chambers and what might guide them out ROT8000 Micro-Max, a 133-line Chess Source

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Facebook’s oversight board demands clarity on rules for high-profile users Inexplicably volatile Theranos results falsely warned pregnant woman of miscarriage Facebook’s latest “apology” reveals security and safety disarray SEC probing Activision Blizzard in wake of harassment, discrimination lawsuits World’s largest chip foundry TSMC sets 2050 deadline to go carbon neutral Big tech companies snap up smaller rivals at record pace A new app helps Iranians hide messages in plain sight Google is getting caught in the antitrust net Apple and Google cave to Putin’s censors, block Navalny app as election begins Facebook forced troll farm content on over 40% of all Americans each month Telegram emerges as new dark web for cyber criminals Billionaire Sacklers’ immunity threatened as DOJ moves to block opioid deal Man once called world’s “largest facilitator of child porn” sentenced to 27 years Locast’s free TV service ordered to shut down permanently after copyright loss Cherry-picking data was routine practice at Theranos, former lab worker says Backpage founders get mistrial because US overplayed child sex trafficking claims Theranos burned through $2M a week as investors were given rosy projections In a first, New York passes law banning new fossil fuel vehicle sales after 2034 Biden’s baffling FCC delay could give Republicans a 2-1 FCC majority Big ISPs fight to save exclusive wiring deals that limit choice in apartments


Judge Releases Redacted Lunar Lander Lawsuit From Bezos' Blue Origin Against NASA-SpaceX Contract TikTokers Are Trading Stocks By Copying What Members of Congress Do The Fed Is Evaluating Whether To Launch a Digital Currency and In What Form CIA Director 'Fuming' After Havana Syndrome Strikes Team Member In India Leaked Apple Training Videos Show How the iPhone-Maker Undermines Third-Party Repair Virgin Media Subscribers Told To Pay 'Thousands of Pounds' To Settle Piracy Laws Facebook Warned Over 'Very Small' Indicator LED On Smart Glasses Twitter To Pay $809.5 Million To Settle 2016 Lawsuit Over Growth Projections 'Freedom Hosting' Web Admin Gets 27 Years In Prison For Hosting 200+ Child Pornography Sites What Happened After El Salvador Adopted Bitcoin as Legal Currency? Report: Boeing Official Expected to Face Criminal Charges Over Fatal Boeing 737 Max Issues Despite 'Economic Distress', Two US Nuclear Power Plants Saved From Closing Through Subsidies Researchers Defeated Advanced Facial Recognition Tech Using Makeup Man Who Unlocked Nearly 2 Million AT&T Phones Gets 12 Years In Prison Google Will Extend Permission Auto-Reset Feature To Older Android Versions


Stop Military Surveillance Drones from Coming Home HTTPS Is Actually Everywhere Why EFF Flew a Plane Over Apple's Headquarters How California’s Broadband Infrastructure Law Promotes Local Choice No, Tech Monopolies Don’t Serve National Security What’s Up with WhatsApp Encrypted Backups The Catalog of Carceral Surveillance: Patents Aren't Products (Yet) The Federal Government Just Can’t Get Enough of Your Face Texas’ Social Media Law is Not the Solution to Censorship Lessons From History: Afghanistan and the Dangerous Afterlives of Identifying Data Surveillance Self-Defense Guides Now Available in Burmese EFF and Allies Urge Council of Europe to Add Strong Human Rights Safeguards Before Final Adoption of Flawed Cross Border Surveillance Treaty Protestors Nationwide Rally to Tell Apple: "Don't Break Your Promise!" Geofence Warrants Threaten Civil Liberties and Free Speech Rights in Kenosha and Nationwide The Other 20-Year Anniversary: Freedom and Surveillance Post-9/11


Lithuanian defence ministry urges people to 'throw away' Chinese phones after discovering censorship tools YouTube knows I’m on my period New iCloud Private Relay service leaks users’ true IP addresses, researcher claims Security audit raises severe warnings on Chinese smartphone models Newb on de-Googling. I need advice about clearing cookies and logging yourself out of everything Anyone have recommendations of secure USB flash drives? Is there a website/forum that monitors every Apple update for possible privacy concerns or "questionable features"? What games are some iOS games that don’t collect unreasonable amounts of data? Heads Up - Apple Arbitrarily Enrolling Device for Remote “Diagnostic” Sessions The smart toilet era is here! Are you ready to share your analprint with big tech? Are WD's hard drives with AES encryption better than using a normal drive with VeraCrypt? Xiaomi phone looking for Max privacy I believe my phone is tapped, what should I do? After doing an online quote with Allstate (autoinsurance), I kept getting SPAM and SCAM calls. Are we updating to iOS 15 or nah?

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FBI Had the REvil Decryption Key Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services Hack Friday Squid Blogging: Ram’s Horn Squid Shells Zero-Click iMessage Exploit Identifying Computer-Generated Faces Upcoming Speaking Engagements Designing Contact-Tracing Apps Friday Squid Blogging: Possible Evidence of Squid Paternal Care ProtonMail Now Keeps IP Logs More Detail on the Juniper Hack and the NSA PRNG Backdoor

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Microsoft announces new Windows 11-powered Surface devices Hackers are scanning for VMware CVE-2021-22005 targets, patch now! FBI, CISA, and NSA warn of escalating Conti ransomware attacks Apple will disable insecure TLS in future iOS, macOS releases Second farming cooperative shut down by ransomware this week Modern cyber protection: The digital must-have for home users Phishing-as-a-service operation uses double theft to boost profits Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover bugs leak 100K Windows credentials RaidForums data marketplace accidentally exposes private staff page New macOS zero-day bug lets attackers run commands remotely Microsoft PC Health Check adds detailed Windows 11 compatibility info VMware warns of critical bug in default vCenter Server installs US sanctions cryptocurrency exchange used by ransomware gangs Russian state hackers use new TinyTurla malware as secondary backdoor