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“Alexa, what is my WiFi password?” Show HN: Coursemate, connect with other self learners Show HN: Use cookies from Chrome (CDP) in cURL without copy pasting My4TH – A minimalistic Forth computer with discrete CPU Clocks and Causality – Ordering Events in Distributed Systems Pizza rolls and the meaning of midcentury food Twitter's Recommendation Algorithm Erlang/OTP: Garbage Collector APLcart – Find your way in APL Former Hiroshima Branch of the Bank of Japan A New Beginning for LifeHacker Wine 8.5 Show HN: DigicamFinder – open-sourced DPReview camera data DNND 2: Tensors and Convolution Launch HN: Inri (YC W23) – Wealthfront for Investing in India Google Drive does a surprise rollout of file limits, locking out some users Humanness in the Age of AI Llama.cpp 30B runs with only 6GB of RAM now Ask HN: What's the name of this concept related to surveillance PC keyboard hides an interesting secret ChatGPT simulates 1987 BBS System Postgres as a graph database The undocumented Android change that led to aCropalypse was reported during beta Entwined African and Asian genetic roots of medieval people of the Swahili coast Commander X16 2023 update [video] Why are movies so dark these days? Asahi Linux M1 GPU drivers can now run Windows games via Steam Proton Book review: Barriers to Bioweapons K: We need to talk about group Saying Goodbye to Open Source Bridge (2018)

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DISH slapped with multiple lawsuits after ransomware cyber attack Twitter open-sources recommendation algorithm code 15 million public-facing services vulnerable to CISA KEV flaws Hackers exploit bug in Elementor Pro WordPress plugin with 11M installs 10-year-old Windows bug with 'opt-in' fix exploited in 3CX attack Consumer lender TMX discloses data breach impacting 4.8 million people Winter Vivern hackers exploit Zimbra flaw to steal NATO emails Microsoft OneNote will block 120 dangerous file extensions Ukrainian cyberpolice busts fraud gang that stole $4.3 million CISA orders agencies to patch bugs exploited to drop spyware Realtek and Cacti flaws now actively exploited by malware botnets Microsoft testing adaptive brightness on more Windows 11 devices

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Twitter posts the code it claims determines which tweets people see, and why Right to repair, universal charging port mandates eyed to save Canadians money ChatGPT data leak has Italian lawmakers scrambling to regulate data collection FTC chair refused Musk’s meeting request, told him to stop delaying investigation Here’s how the IRS’s clean vehicle tax credit will change on April 18 These angry Dutch farmers really hate Microsoft GPT-4 poses too many risks and releases should be halted, AI group tells FTC Meta wants EU users to apply for permission to opt out of data collection How a major toy company kept 4chan online Manchin vows to sue Biden administration over EV tax credits Judge finds Google destroyed evidence and repeatedly gave false info to court Reddit cracked down on revenge porn, creepshots with twofold spike in permabans Twitter obtains subpoena forcing GitHub to unmask source-code leaker California wants to build more solar farms but needs more power lines SBF paid $40M bribe to unfreeze crypto trading accounts in China, US charges Report: Twitter secretly boosted accounts instead of treating everyone equally US agency sues top crypto exchange Binance and CEO, seeks permanent trading bans Generative AI set to affect 300 million jobs across major economies Musk says Twitter value is down to $20 billion, calls firm an “inverse startup” Publishers beat Internet Archive as judge rules e-book lending violates copyright

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Storms strike Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana; 7 reported dead Trump indictment ends decades of perceived invincibility Intensity and insults rise as lawmakers debate debt ceiling Alaska Native Scouts feted 67 years after rescuing Navy crew Doomsday plot? After 3 years, slain kids’ mom to stand trial Russia-Ukraine war: Will there be a spring counteroffensive? Pope Francis leaves hospital; ‘Still alive,’ he quips US Marine’s adoption of Afghan war orphan voided Body of Florida toddler found in alligator jaws after search NBA, players reach deal for a new labor agreement Probe of deadly Black Hawk crash begins as Army IDs victims Tornadoes kill at least 10 across US Midwest and South Ukraine asks court to put Orthodox leader under house arrest Clark, Iowa end perfect South Carolina season in Final Four Harris peeks at peppers on farm with climate change in mind Credit Suisse takeover hits heart of Swiss banking, identity


Reddit's Adapt A Mod Program, and r/Privacy Italy has outlawed ChatGPT because of privacy issues NYPD is refusing to comply with NYC’s new surveillance tech laws Meta wants EU users to apply for permission to opt out of data collection Italian privacy regulator bans ChatGPT 17 Year Old Post More Relevant than Ever Why do Sony new TVs say “google tv”? You can’t use them offline for privacy? LanguageTool (Grammarly alternative): Lacking self-hosted version and bad privacy Can browser addons leak user data? UK nationwide alert test Avoiding invasive online shopping rendered useless if you live with people that use it anyways? Cryptographer Tells European ISPs How EU’s Client-Side Scanning Proposal Will Make Everyone Less Safe Sen. Rand Paul says the GOP would 'permanently lose elections for a generation' if TikTok is banned Your Amazon Firestick does not shut off. It sleeps. And it keeps transmitting data. Italian regulators order ChatGPT ban over alleged violation of data privacy laws


Bad Content Moderation Is Bad, And Government Interference Can Make It Even Worse Stupid Patent of the Month: Traxcell Tech Gets Ordered To Pay Attorneys’ Fees  Without Verification, What Is the Point of Elon Musk’s Twitter? After Students Challenged Proctoring Software, French Court Slaps TestWe App With a Suspension Digital Rights Updates with EFFector 35.4 Victory at the Ninth Circuit: Twitter’s Content Moderation is Not “State Action” Courts Should Let You Sue Federal Officials Who Violate Your Right to Record Civil Rights Organizations File Amicus Brief in Support of EFF Lawsuit Against Discriminatory SFPD Surveillance Podcast Episode: So You Think You’re A Critical Thinker Sign The Petition And Tell EU Legislators: Don’t Scan Us EU Lawmakers Must Reject This Proposal To Scan Private Chats CBP Is Expanding Its Surveillance Tower Program at the U.S.-Mexico Border–And We're Mapping It What Policymakers Need to Know About the First Amendment and Section 230 Government Hasn't Justified a TikTok Ban Civil Society Organizations Urge Ghana’s Parliament to Reject Repressive Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill


NYPD is Refusing To Comply With NYC's New Surveillance Tech Laws India Hunts For Spyware That Rivals Controversial Pegasus System Tax Preparation Industry Alarmed Over Plan For IRS Free Tax-Filing System Meta Wants EU Users To Apply For Permission To Opt Out of Data Collection China Shuts Down Major Manga Piracy Site Following Complaint From Japan Missouri Reps Vote To Completely Defund State's Public Libraries US Court Sanctions Google For Deleting Evidence In Antitrust Cases SBF Charged With Paying $40 Million Bribe Lebanon Reverses Decision To Delay Daylight Savings Time Change US Military Needs 7th Branch Just For Cyber, Leaders Say Plans For Royal Mint NFT Dropped By UK Government How Greenland Solved the Daylight Saving Time Debate Instead of Banning TikTok, Should We Regulate It Aggressively? The Tinder Car Heist and the Plot For Revenge Panera Bread Begins Scanning Its Customers' Palms

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America’s Open Wound Everything Going Great Cultural Revolutions Your Money AND Your Life 9/12 Covid, Climate, And The New Denialism The All-Seeing "i": Apple Just Declared War on Your Privacy A Hell Of Our Own Making Apophenia [Q&A #02] Bombs vs. Bugs The Insecurity Industry Answering Readers' Questions A Conversation with Daniel Ellsberg Conspiracy: Theory and Practice The Most Dangerous Censorship Lifting the mask

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Friday Squid Blogging: Giant Squid vs. Blue Marlin Russian Cyberwarfare Documents Leaked The Security Vulnerabilities of Message Interoperability Security Vulnerabilities in Snipping Tools Hacks at Pwn2Own Vancouver 2023 Friday Squid Blogging: Creating Batteries Out of Squid Cells A Hacker’s Mind News Exploding USB Sticks Mass Ransomware Attack ChatGPT Privacy Flaw