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IQM achieves 99.9% 2-qubit gate fidelity and 1 millisecond coherence time The Engineer's Guide to Deep Learning: Understanding the Transformer Model PS-HTTPD: a web server written in PostScript Run CUDA, unmodified, on AMD GPUs Exo: Run your own AI cluster at home with everyday devices A Review of Linux on Surface Pro 4 Automated Test-Case Reduction New Gaussian Splatting viewer that allows code modification during runtime Decoding DME aircraft radio navigation system with the LimeSDR For advertising: Firefox now collects user data by default KUtrace: Low-overhead Linux kernel tracing facility The Second Law of Thermodynamics Ask HN: Any tools to do generic WiFi imaging? The rise of the camera launched a fight to protect Gilded Age privacy It All Started with a nop How do jewellers capture every last particle of gold dust? (2017) Amiga 2000 – Codename: Tesseract (2021) OpenAI illegally barred staff from airing safety risks, whistleblowers say The Open Collaboration Tools MixRank (YC S11) Is Hiring Software Engineers and Founders Globally Seiko Originals: The UC-2000, A Smartwatch from 1984 Researchers: Weak Security Defaults Enabled Squarespace Domains Hijacks Shapeshift: Semantically map JSON objects using key-level vector embeddings Quartz: A Deterministic Time Testing Library for Go Analog GPS: Scrolling Wrist and Car-Mounted Maps of the Roaring 20s and 30s Peter Buxtun, whistleblower who exposed Tuskegee syphilis study, has died Some Tricks from the Scrapscript Compiler How to mail an SD card with gummy glue Show HN: Horizon – Private alternative to Imgur Tlsd: Generate (message) sequence diagrams from TLA+ state traces

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Kaspersky is shutting down its business in the United States New BugSleep malware implant deployed in MuddyWater attacks Microsoft shares temp fix for Windows 11 Photos not launching SEXi ransomware rebrands to APT INC, continues VMware ESXi attacks June Windows Server updates break Microsoft 365 Defender features Facebook ads for Windows desktop themes push info-stealing malware Banks in Singapore to phase out one-time passwords in 3 months Hackers use PoC exploits in attacks 22 minutes after release Microsoft fixes bug causing Windows Update automation issues Critical Exim bug bypasses security filters on 1.5 million mail servers Rite Aid confirms data breach after June ransomware attack DNS hijacks target crypto platforms registered with Squarespace

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Record labels sue Verizon for not disconnecting pirates’ Internet service Dirty diaper resold on Amazon ruined a family business, report says Net neutrality rules temporarily stayed as judges weigh impact of SCOTUS ruling Nearly all AT&T subscribers’ call records stolen in Snowflake cloud hack Elon Musk’s X faces big EU fines as paid checkmarks are ruled deceptive Elon Musk calls for “criminal prosecution” of X ad boycott perpetrators Apple settles EU probe by opening up its mobile payments system Court ordered penalties for 15 teens who created naked AI images of classmates Republicans angry that ISPs receiving US grants must offer low-cost plans Elon Musk beats one lawsuit seeking severance for laid-off Twitter employees Users must prove Amazon ripped them off to revive Buy Box rigging suit Drug middlemen inflate US prices, squeeze out competition, FTC says FCC to block phone company over robocalls pushing scam “Tax Relief Program” Report: Z-Library admins on the lam ahead of US extradition; officials shocked Oregon county seeks to hold fossil fuel companies accountable for extreme heat First known TikTok mob attack led by middle schoolers tormenting teachers Boeing to plead guilty to conspiracy to defraud FAA Aircraft Evaluation Group Elon Musk denies tweets misled Twitter investors ahead of purchase The “Netflix of anime” piracy site abruptly shuts down, shocking users Judge says FTC lacks authority to issue rule banning noncompete agreements


Senate Introduces Bill To Setup Legal Framework For Ethical AI Development Record Labels Sue Verizon After ISP 'Buried Head In Sand' Over Subscribers' Piracy Gemini AI Platform Accused of Scanning Google Drive Files Without User Permission Federal Court Blocks Net Neutrality Rules AT&T Paid $370,000 For the Deletion of Stolen Phone Call Records California Prohibited From Enforcing PI Licensing Law Against Anti-Spam Crusader Admiral Grace Hopper's Landmark Lecture Is Found, But the NSA Won't Release It Apple Watch Is Cleared By the CBP of Infringing On the ECG Patent CISA Broke Into a US Federal Agency, No One Noticed For a Full 5 Months American Hacker In Turkey Linked To Massive AT&T Breach AT&T Says Criminals Stole Phone Records of 'Nearly All' Customers in New Data Breach Data Breach Exposes Millions of mSpy Spyware Customers Python GitHub Token Leak Shows Binary Files Can Burn Developers Too Senators Strike Bipartisan Deal For a Ban On Stock Trading By Members of Congress Hidden Camera Concerns Plague Short-Term Rental Industry

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AI hacktivists target Disney in massive data leak The FBI says it has ‘gained access’ to the Trump rally shooter’s phone FBI is working to break into the phone of the Trump rally shooter Google is reportedly planning its biggest startup acquisition ever AT&T reportedly gave $370,000 to a hacker to delete its stolen customer data The Rabbit R1 has been logging users’ chats — with no way to wipe them AT&T breach leaked call and text records from ‘nearly all’ wireless customers Heritage Foundation insists it was not hacked by ‘gay furries’ You can now protect your high-risk Google account with just your phone Google’s dark web monitoring service will soon be free for all users

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Bowen McCurdy and Jordan Morris's "Youth Group" Foxx Nolte's "Hidden History of Walt Disney World" The true, tactical significance of Project 2025 Austin Grossman's 'Fight Me' Kitchensink callithump linkdump The reason you can't buy a car is the same reason that your health insurer let hackers dox you Copyright takedowns are a cautionary tale that few are heeding Cleantech has an enshittification problem Mirion Malle's "So Long Sad Love" Weinersmith and Boulet's "Bea Wolf"(24 Jun 2024) https://pluralistic.net/2024/06/24/awesome-alliteration/ https://pluralistic.net/2024/06/24/awesome-alliteration/#comments Mon, 24 Jun 2024 17:17:54 +0000 https://pluralistic.net/?p=8997

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Hacking Scientific Citations Upcoming Speaking Engagements Friday Squid Blogging: 1994 Lair of Squid Game The NSA Has a Long-Lost Lecture by Adm. Grace Hopper Apple Is Alerting iPhone Users of Spyware Attacks RADIUS Vulnerability Reverse-Engineering Ticketmaster’s Barcode System On the CSRB’s Non-Investigation of the SolarWinds Attack Friday Squid Blogging: Newly Discovered Vampire Squid New Open SSH Vulnerability