Governor kept mum amid conflicting accounts of deadly arrest Trump facing legal, political headwinds as he eyes comeback In France, anti-vax fury, politics make public service risky EXPLAINER: Can Portugal election clear political roadblock? EXPLAINER: Russia’s risky options beyond full Ukraine attack First Arabic Netflix film tackles taboos, sparks controversy Fast and furious: Heavy snow, high winds threaten East Coast Pittsburgh bridge collapses, drops city bus into ravine Jan. 6 committee subpoenas fake Trump electors in 7 states AP PHOTOS: A Ukrainian village awaits the next move EXPLAINER: Russia’s risky options beyond full Ukraine attack Supreme Court pick holds import for Black women in the law Biden visits collapsed bridge, touts infrastructure law Willow Biden joins long and varied line of White House pets East Coast buttons up ahead of snow; Boston could get 2 feet Chinese travel for Lunar New Year despite plea to stay put

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Tor Browser: a legacy of advancing private browsing innovation I got an FBI record at age 11 from dabbling in cryptography (2015) Latin as She Is Spoke: How Classicists Tricked Themselves (2019) Heartbreaking: 6509 PSUs Fail After a Brief 22 Years of Service Reclaiming the lost art of Linux server administration The Battle of Helm’s Deep, Part I: Bargaining for Goods at Helm’s Gate Pirates spammed an infamous Soviet-era short-wave radio station with memes The Manga Guide Series The Banality of Genius: Notes on Peter Jackson's Get Back People don't work as much as you think Preserving a floppy disk with a logic analyzer and a serial cable Etleap (YC W13) Is Hiring a Software Engineer – San Francisco/London Rebranding FLoC Without Addressing Key Privacy Issues Prioritization, multiple work streams, unplanned work Rome: Decline and Fall? Part II: Institutions Citizen developers are rapidly becoming the vanguard of corporate digitisation Over 20k servers have their iLO interfaces exposed to the internet The Hidden Engineering Protecting Getty Art from Earthquakes Right to Repair Fight The Battle for the World’s Most Powerful Cyberweapon Flink CDC Connectors Can I have a smaller Prometheus Unlisted App Distribution On self-modifying executables in Rust Can a biologist fix a radio?–Or, what I learned while studying apoptosis (2002) [pdf] Raiding graves, not to rob but to remember A man who gave himself away (2016) Frogs Regrow Missing Limbs in Lab Study The Usual Arithmetic Confusions Ask HN: Do people still use DeviantArt?

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Spotify support buckles under complaints from angry Neil Young fans Dozens of states side with Epic in Apple App Store appeal Citizens of countries that rebate carbon taxes aren’t aware of the rebate FCC aims to stop broadband bill shock, reviving plan nixed by Ajit Pai Particulate pollution is killing older Americans, even at legal levels Spotify says it will remove Neil Young’s music instead of dropping Joe Rogan AG says he forced Amazon to shut down “unlawful price-fixing” program Amazon ends widely mocked scheme that turned workers into Twitter “ambassadors” Meta’s cryptocurrency ploy all but dead with Libra/Diem seeking to sell assets European court overturns 12-year-old €1.06 billion fine against Intel Fabs stretched thin as chip shortage shrinks inventories to just 5 days Neil Young tells Spotify it can’t have both him and Joe Rogan anymore OSHA will try a different route to a vaccine mandate for businesses Nvidia ready to abandon Arm acquisition, report says Hactivists say they hacked Belarus rail system to stop Russian military buildup FCC chair plans to block exclusive deals that limit ISP choice in apartments “Death Star” response from US would lock Russia out of 5G, advanced chips Bitcoin drops to six-month low as investors dump speculative assets Airline CEOs make U-turn, now say 5G isn’t a big problem for altimeters Intel says Ohio “megafab” will begin making advanced chips in 2025


DeFi Platform Qubit Finance Begs Hacker To Return $80 Million In Stolen Funds Waymo Sues State DMV To Keep Robotaxi Safety Details Secret Dozens of US States Say Apple Stifles Competition, Back 'Fortnite' Maker Epic Apple Might Let You Use Face ID With a Mask in the Next iOS Update DeepDotWeb Co-admin Sentenced To 8 Years in Prison Government Demands To Remove Twitter Content Hit Record High The Rise of the Crypto Mayors ID CEO Backtracks on Claims Company Doesn't Use Powerful Facial Recognition Tech Intel Wins Historic Court Fight Over EU Antitrust Fine Google Kills Off FLoC, Replaces it With Topics Google Gets Hit With a New Lawsuit Over 'Deceptive' Location Tracking The Next Huawei? US Threatens to Inflict 'Export Control' on Russia if It Invades Ukraine All Charges Dropped Against MIT Professor Accused of Hiding Ties to China El Salvador's Government Buys More Bitcoin as Its Price Drops to $35,149 The EU Approves Sweeping Draft Regulations On Social Media Giants

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The Week in Ransomware - January 28th 2022 - Get NAS devices off the Internet US bans major Chinese telecom over national security risks NCSC alerts UK orgs to brace for destructive Russian cyberattacks EU to create pan-European cyber incident coordination framework Hackers are taking over CEO accounts with rogue OAuth apps Finnish diplomats’ phones infected with NSO Group Pegasus spyware Finland warns of Facebook accounts hijacked via Messenger phishing Microsoft Outlook RCE zero-day exploits now selling for $400,000 QNAP force-installs update after DeadBolt ransomware hits 3,600 devices DeepDotWeb admin imprisoned for advertising illegal dark web markets Taiwanese Apple and Tesla contractor hit by Conti ransomware Lazarus hackers use Windows Update to deploy malware Microsoft warns of multi-stage phishing campaign leveraging Azure AD


California Prevails on Net Neutrality Rules New Tracking Global Online Censorship Site Explains Content Moderation Practices and Impacts EFF Launches Tracking Global Online Censorship Project to Shine Light on How Content Moderation Affects Freedom of Expression Around the World Podcast Episode: Data Doppelgängers The U.K. Paid $724,000 For A Creepy Campaign To Convince People That Encryption is Bad. It Won’t Work. Digital Rights Updates with EFFector 34.1 EFF Sues the U.S. State Department over Documents Related to Activist Leila Khaled DSA: EU Parliament Vote Ensures a Free Internet, But a Final Regulation Must Add Stronger Privacy Protections In the Internet Age, Copyright Law Does Far More Than Antitrust to Shape Competition Fact-Checking, COVID-19 Misinformation, and the British Medical Journal Copyright Shouldn’t Stand in the Way of Your Right to Repair Podcast Episode: How Private is Your Bank Account? Welcome to the Public Domain, Winnie-the-Pooh It’s Copyright Week 2022: Ten Years Later, How Has SOPA/PIPA Shaped Online Copyright Enforcement? EFF Asks Appeals Court to Rule DMCA Anti-Circumvention Provisions Violate First Amendment


Suicide hotline shares data with for-profit spinoff, raising ethical questions Tor Browser: a legacy of advancing private browsing innovation The IRS Should Stop Using Facial Recognition Just a friendly reminder to celebrate Data Privacy Day today! Lockdown privacy app How to "correctly" delete Reddit? Need help finding an OFFLINE security camera system Stop Twitter app knowing location in android practical privacy for platforms Google is blocking me from exporting my data Is using an encrypted email pointless? Phone and Breach of Privacy U.S. Justice Department Launches State Data Sharing Program Data Privacy Day: Security experts' tips for 2022 Yubikey alternatives?

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Everything Going Great Cultural Revolutions Your Money AND Your Life 9/12 Covid, Climate, And The New Denialism The All-Seeing "i": Apple Just Declared War on Your Privacy A Hell Of Our Own Making Apophenia [Q&A #02] Bombs vs. Bugs The Insecurity Industry Answering Readers' Questions A Conversation with Daniel Ellsberg Conspiracy: Theory and Practice The Most Dangerous Censorship Lifting the mask

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Friday Squid Blogging: Cephalopods Thirty Million Years Older Than Previously Thought Tracking Secret German Organizations with Apple AirTags New DeadBolt Ransomware Targets NAT Devices Merck Wins Insurance Lawsuit re NotPetya Attack Linux-Targeted Malware Increased by 35% Friday Squid Blogging: Piglet Squid China’s Olympics App Is Horribly Insecure San Francisco Police Illegally Spying on Protesters Are Fake COVID Testing Sites Harvesting Data? UK Government to Launch PR Campaign Undermining End-to-End Encryption