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GOP rallies around Trump following FBI search of his estate Did Trump break the law? FBI search raises fresh questions Trump says he’s testifying Wednesday in NY investigation Takeaways: Trump tightens grip on GOP, narrow Squad victory China reaffirms threat of military force to annex Taiwan China’s youth face bleak job market as COVID slows economy Afghan man charged in killings of Muslims in New Mexico US inflation will likely stay high even as gas prices fall ‘We’re back, baby’: New bill boosts US climate credibility Serena’s Choice: Williams’ tough call resonates with women Omar ekes out House primary win over centrist in Minnesota Rescuers to move whale stranded in French river to saltwater Michels wins Wisconsin GOP governor primary, will face Evers Asian stocks fall ahead of US inflation Grand jury declines to indict woman in Emmett Till killing As Spider-Man turns 60, fans reflect on diverse appeal

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An incident impacting 5M accounts and private information on Twitter JNumPy: Writing high-performance C extensions for Python in minutes Area 5150: 8088 MPH gets a successor Baby’s First Garbage Collector (2013) Reddit’s database has two tables (2012) Unprecedented 100% of First 14 Patients with Cancer Respond to Dostarlimab Fishing gear accounts for an alarming amount of plastic in oceans (2021) Essential Climbing Knots – The Complete Guide Astro 1.0 – a web framework for building fast, content-focused websites Tcled: Pure Tcl Console Text Editor (2019) The Godfather of Complexity Hydroponics: Growing an Appreciation for Plants AppLovin bids $17.5B to acquire Unity Nvidia publishes 73k lines of 3D header files for Fermi through Ampere GPUs Launch HN: Windmill (YC S22) – Turn scripts into internal apps and workflows Implementing a Zero Trust Architecture A History of Lua The Story of Mel (1983) Artificial synapses 10k times faster than real thing Cognitive training: A field in search of a phenomenon Archaeologists Rebury ‘First-of-Its-Kind’ Roman Villa Falling for Kubernetes “It’s time for Apple to fix texting” Lz_xor Relationship Hero (YC S17) is hiring coaches Sol: Open-source Alfred/Raycast alternative for macOS Show HN: 1024, a 2048 Puzzle Game Mental Model Practices Tornado cash takedown and its repercussions How and why to host a blog at home

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Teen’s jailing shows exactly how Facebook will help anti-abortion states It’s official: US chipmakers will receive billions in grants and tax breaks US blacklisting of Tornado Cash sparks outcry from cryptocurrency industry Crypto and the US government are headed for a decisive showdown Small businesses count cost of Apple’s privacy changes Big Tech just got one step closer to squashing key US antitrust bill Musk wants public debate with Twitter CEO instead of that upcoming court trial Twitter says Musk’s spam analysis used tool that called his own account a bot Twitter subpoenas emails, texts from Tesla bigwigs and Musk’s BFFs Record labels’ war on ISPs and piracy nets multiple settlements with Charter Accused of profiting on child sexual abuse, Visa halts Pornhub ad payments The women calling out Apple’s handling of misconduct claims As Earth spins faster, Meta joins fight against leap seconds 50 state AGs vow action against carriers that bring foreign robocalls to US SpaceX and Viasat fight over whether Starlink can meet FCC speed obligations Microsoft’s $3M anti-abortion donations under fire from activists, shareholders How listening to uninterrupted noise helped millions to focus Avowed bitcoin creator Craig Wright is not happy with £1 win in UK libel lawsuit SEC: Crypto fraudsters raised $300M with “textbook pyramid and Ponzi scheme” Visa knew about Pornhub’s child porn, judge says, and now must face trial [Updated]


DOJ Is Preparing To Sue Google Over Ad Market As Soon As September Google Sues Sonos Over Voice Control Technology A Phone Carrier That Doesn't Track Your Browsing Or Location Inventors Must Be Human, Federal Circuit Rules in Blow To AI As Satellites and Space Junk Proliferate, US to Revise Rules Class Action Alleges Experian Didn't Stop Identity Thieves from Hijacking Accounts US Senate Finally Passes Its Massive Climate Bill Twitter Confirms Vulnerability Exposed Data of Anonymous Account Owners Why Bill Gates Supports America's Climate Legislation Purism's 'Librem 5 USA' Smartphone Achieves Major New Shipping Milestone Epson Programs Some Printers To Stop Operating, Claiming Danger of 'Ink Spills' Samsung Finally Starts Selling Parts for Smartphone Repairs at Home. Sort of Federal Court Upholds First Amendment Protections For Student's Off-Campus Social Media Post Facial Recognition Smartwatches To Be Used To Monitor Foreign Offenders In UK DuckDuckGo Browser's Stricter Privacy Protection Will Also Apply To Microsoft Scripts Now

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CISA warns of Windows and UnRAR flaws exploited in the wild How hackers are stealing credit cards from classifieds sites Microsoft: Exchange ‘Extended Protection’ needed to fully patch new bugs Kali Linux 2022.3 adds 5 new tools, updates Linux kernel, and more Microsoft patches Windows DogWalk zero-day exploited in attacks Windows 11 KB5016629 update fixes Start Menu, File Explorer issues Microsoft August 2022 Patch Tuesday fixes exploited zero-day, 121 flaws Windows 10 KB5016616 and KB5016623 updates released Cloudflare employees also hit by hackers behind Twilio breach 10 malicious PyPI packages found stealing developer's credentials VMware warns of public exploit for critical auth bypass vulnerability Maui ransomware operation linked to North Korean 'Andariel' hackers Hackers install Dracarys Android malware using modified Signal app


Hacking the Future at DEF CON 30 Victory! Federal Court Upholds First Amendment Protections for Student’s Off-Campus Social Media Post The UK Online Safety Bill Attacks Free Speech and Encryption Virtual Vegas Member Week 💻💀⚡️ Abortion Information Is Coming Down Across Social Media. What Is Happening and What Next. Federal Preemption of State Privacy Law Hurts Everyone Americans Deserve More Than The Current American Data Privacy Protection Act Police Are Still Abusing Investigative Exemptions to Shield Surveillance Tech, While Others Move Towards Transparency New Amendments to Intermediary Rules threaten Free Speech in India EFF Poker Tournament at DEF CON 30 Nigerian Twitter Ban Declared Unlawful by Court Self-Proclaimed Free Speech Platforms Are Censoring Nude Content. Here’s Why You Should Care Nominations Open for 2022 EFF Awards! EFF and Partners Urge the Indian Government to Keep End-to-End Encryption Alive Ring Reveals They Give Videos to Police Without User Consent or a Warrant


Flair is now required for posts || Gatekeeping on the sub This Is the Data Facebook Gave Police to Prosecute a Teenager for Abortion Teen’s jailing shows exactly how Facebook will help anti-abortion states | Ars Technica Pegasus spyware: Just 'tip of the iceberg' seen so far TikTok’s Parent Company Bought a Bunch of Hospitals for $1.5B Facebook Gave Nebraska Cops A Teen's DMs So They Could Prosecute Her For Having An Abortion Small businesses push back on Apple’s privacy changes around advertising Privacy experts disagree with RCMP that spyware is similar to wiretapping Microsoft blocks Tutanota users from own service: Tutanota users can't register a Microsoft Teams account and Microsoft won't change this. Retailers scanning drivers licenses raises privacy issues Staying at an Airbnb - What do you do once you arrive Newcomer here. How much privacy do we have today? Has this sub benefited your life? Wifi probes MAC randomization? SIM card to create WhatsApp/telegram accounts Minimalism+Planned Obsolescence+Privacy+Sanity

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Everything Going Great Cultural Revolutions Your Money AND Your Life 9/12 Covid, Climate, And The New Denialism The All-Seeing "i": Apple Just Declared War on Your Privacy A Hell Of Our Own Making Apophenia [Q&A #02] Bombs vs. Bugs The Insecurity Industry Answering Readers' Questions A Conversation with Daniel Ellsberg Conspiracy: Theory and Practice The Most Dangerous Censorship Lifting the mask

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NIST’s Post-Quantum Cryptography Standards Friday Squid Blogging: New Squid Species SIKE Broken Drone Deliveries into Prisons Surveillance of Your Car Ring Gives Videos to Police without a Warrant or User Consent Friday Squid Blogging: Evolution of the Vampire Squid Microsoft Zero-Days Sold and then Used New UFEI Rootkit Securing Open-Source Software