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Ian swamps southwest Florida, trapping people in homes Russia poised to annex occupied Ukraine after sham vote Climate Migration: Blind and homeless amid Somalia’s drought ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ rapper Coolio dies at age 59 Churches defend clergy loophole in child sex abuse reporting Records contradict Majewski’s account of military punishment Chinese tycoon Richard Liu faces civil trial in alleged rape VP Harris to visit DMZ after North Korean missile tests Rohingya seek reparations from Facebook for role in massacre Arizona museum exhibit marks end to de Kooning painting saga Asian stocks follow Wall St higher after UK calms markets US seeks united front in Asia despite Korea, Japan tensions Yankees star Judge hits 61st home run, ties Maris’ AL record Police: Oakland high school shooting wounds 6 adults Ian swamps southwest Florida, trapping people in homes California governor approves farmworker unionization law

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ButtFish – Effortlessly transmitting Morse Code of chess moves to your butt The Endless Doomscroller Converting Coal Power Plants to Nuclear Gains Steam Ken Thompson really did launch his "trusting trust" trojan attack in real life Kittyhawk Air Taxi Startup Is Winding Down New (LTE) Rotary Cell Phone [video] Matrix: Third Room Tech Preview [video] Meta has banned the personal Facebook accounts for everyone on our team Scientists find wreckage of ship that tried to warn Titanic of iceberg HDD Clicker – HDD Sound Simulator Australia gov wants telco Optus to pay for new passports for data breach victims "Ducks,” the Canadian cartoonist Kate Beaton’s new graphic memoir The most dangerous road for cyclists in America The ‘Epic of Gilgamesh’ is not the oldest surviving work of literature Systematically Improving Espresso [pdf] When the push button was new, people were freaked Penpot, Open Source Figma alternative, raises $8M in funding Collecting Vernacular Photography Smarking (YC W15) is hiring a product lead to digitize the parking industry Google postpones MV2 shutoff in Chrome stable to June 2023 Show HN: Depot – fast, remote Docker container builds Arduino IDE 2.0 DALL·E Now Available Without Waitlist Katakana, Hiragana, and Unicode The Troublesome Legacy of the Early Romantics Learn TLA+ Analysis of Chromium issue 1196683, 1195777 Newsom just signed California pay transparency bill Timeline of Computer History (2015)

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More EV charging stations coming nationwide, electrifying 75K miles of highways Twitter says Elon Musk’s own data scientists did not back up bots claims Meta disrupted China-based propaganda machine before it reached many Americans FCC advances plan to require blocking of spam texts from bogus numbers Experts debate the ethics of LinkedIn’s algorithm experiments on 20M users As ISPs seek payments from Big Tech, Google criticizes “sender-pays” model TikTok can keep operating in US under deal being worked out with Biden Elon Musk offers Iranians uncensored Internet access Amazon hires unsafe trucking firms twice as often as peers, WSJ finds Starlink is getting a lot slower as more people use it, speed tests show Report: UK authorities have arrested a teenager linked to GTA VI leak Hackathon finds dozens of Ukrainian refugees trafficked online Facebook users sue Meta for bypassing beefy Apple security to spy on millions Florida to Supreme Court: Let us regulate social networks as common carriers UN chief asks wealthy nations to impose windfall taxes on fossil fuel industry NTSB wants alcohol detection systems installed in all new cars in US Telegram has a serious doxxing problem US lawmakers escalate pressure on Chinese chipmaker YMTC Judge rules Charter must pay $1.1 billion after murder of cable customer iRobot and Amazon agree to share data with FTC on $1.7B deal


EU Proposes Rules Making It Easier To Sue Drone Makers, AI Systems UK Online Safety Bill Threatens Security, WhatsApp Chief Warns All 50 States Get Green Light To Build EV Charging Stations Oracle Pays $23 Million To SEC To Settle Bribery Charges Stock Trade Ban For Congress Is Being Readied For Release In US House Senators Push To Reform Police's Cellphone Tracking Tools SEC Sues Former MoviePass Executives, Alleges They Made 'False or Misleading Statements' To Public TikTok Inching Toward US Security Deal To Avoid Sale Beijing Bus Drivers Have Been Told To Wear Wristbands To Monitor Their Emotions Australia To Overhaul Privacy Laws After Massive Data Breach Interpol Issues Red Notice For Terra Founder Do Kwon Cloudflare Launches an eSIM To Secure Mobile Devices Richard Nixon Exposed To Radiation On Moscow Trip In 1959, Documents Reveal Hackathon Finds Dozens of Ukrainian Refugees Trafficked Online Newsom Vetoes 'Premature' Crypto Oversight Bill For California

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Hackers now sharing cracked Brute Ratel post-exploitation kit online Hacker shares how they allegedly breached Fast Company’s site IRS warns Americans of massive rise in SMS phishing attacks Auth0 warns that some source code repos may have been stolen Google to test disabling Chrome Manifest V2 extensions in June 2023 Stealthy hackers target military and weapons contractors in recent attack New Chaos malware infects Windows, Linux devices for DDoS attacks Ethernet VLAN Stacking flaws let hackers launch DoS, MiTM attacks Wazuh - The free and open source XDR platform Russia demands answers after Apple kicks VK apps from App Store Cryptominers hijack $53 worth of system resources to earn $1 Leaked LockBit 3.0 builder used by ‘Bl00dy’ ransomware gang in attacks New NullMixer dropper infects your PC with a dozen malware families


Automated License Plate Readers Threaten Abortion Access. Here's How Policymakers Can Mitigate the Risk EFF Urges FTC to Address Security and Privacy Problems in Daycare and Early Education Apps Google’s Perilous Plan for a Cloud Center in Saudi Arabia is an Irresponsible Threat to Human Rights Ban Government Use of Face Recognition In the UK Study of Electronic Monitoring Smartphone Apps Confirms Advocates’ Concerns of Privacy Harms San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors Grants Police More Surveillance Powers Lawsuit: SMUD and Sacramento Police Violate State Law and Utility Customers’ Privacy by Sharing Data Without a Warrant How to Ditch Facebook Without Losing Your Friends (Or Family, Customers or Communities) Giving Big Corporations “Closed Generic” Top-Level Domain Names to Run as Private Kingdoms Is Still a Bad Idea EFF’s DEF CON 30 Puzzle—SOLVED It’s Time For A Federal Anti-SLAPP Law To Protect Online Speakers Members of Congress Urge FTC to Investigate Fog Data Science The Fight to Overturn FOSTA, an Unconstitutional Internet Censorship Law, Continues San Francisco Police Must End Irresponsible Relationship with the Northern California Fusion Center EFF’s “Cover Your Tracks” Will Detect Your Use of iOS 16’s Lockdown Mode


Amazon dominates the $113 billion smart home market — here’s how it uses the data it collects Lawsuit accuses Meta of secretly tracking Facebook users Samsung sued for gobbling up too much personal info that miscreants then stole The ACLU and the NSA may soon square off in the Supreme Court — over Wikipedia. The NSA and the scope of state secrets privilege may be in front of the Supreme Court next term. Announcing Turnstile, a user-friendly, privacy-preserving alternative to CAPTCHA BMW’s Next-Gen In-Car Assistant Will Be Powered by Amazon’s Alexa Has anyone used this service? It was recommended to me, but of course I'm always skeptical. The same app can pose a bigger security and privacy threat depending on the country where you download it, study finds More details on the transition to Manifest V3 - Chrome Developers When I google an alias of mine, Google results come up with personal information relating to my true identity - how can I change this? Texting on Private Apps Costs Wall Street Firms $1.8 Billion in Fines Libre smartwatch Intel calls its AI that detects student emotions a teaching tool. Others call it 'morally reprehensible.' FBI misled judge who signed warrant for Beverly Hills seizure of $86 million in cash What you'll need to use Windows 11 22H2's security features

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America’s Open Wound Everything Going Great Cultural Revolutions Your Money AND Your Life 9/12 Covid, Climate, And The New Denialism The All-Seeing "i": Apple Just Declared War on Your Privacy A Hell Of Our Own Making Apophenia [Q&A #02] Bombs vs. Bugs The Insecurity Industry Answering Readers' Questions A Conversation with Daniel Ellsberg Conspiracy: Theory and Practice The Most Dangerous Censorship Lifting the mask

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Cold War Bugging of Soviet Facilities New Report on IoT Security Leaking Passwords through the Spellchecker Friday Squid Blogging: Another Giant Squid Washes Up on New Zealand Beach Leaking Screen Information on Zoom Calls through Reflections in Eyeglasses Prompt Injection/Extraction Attacks against AI Systems Automatic Cheating Detection in Human Racing Credit Card Fraud That Bypasses 2FA Large-Scale Collection of Cell Phone Data at US Borders Friday Squid Blogging: Mayfly Squid